Value the inside

The value of a room is not defined by its walls, floors or ceilings. It is defined by the experience you get from being there. We develop, design and build tactile, visual and emotional environments in which people live, meet or work. Monn creates inspirational and memorable impressions. From the inside out.

Brand film

Brand film

Interior Architects

Monn is a leading, full-service interior architect practice based in Oslo. Our team of experts covers a wide range of sectors from real estate development, hotels and hospitality, workplace architecture and design, health & care, residential and personal spaces to restaurants and entertainment. Monn also strives to blur the lines and bridge the gap between the different sectors, creating new and innovative experiences of space.

With years of experience, our team of experts creates unique spaces that reflect your company’s personality, values and positioning. Monn has extensive expertise in the design, development and realisation of interior architecture concepts across all project stages and sectors.

Successful projects involve team work. In addition to our own talented resources and capabilities, Monn has a close working network with industry-recognised architects, consultants and contractors. If required, we are happy to bring such professionals together on behalf of your project.

At Monn we work against the silo mentality and thinking. We strive to share experience and knowledge and collaborate across multiple sectors, ensuring the free flow of information and inspiration. The know-how that we acquire in a restaurant project will be utilised in workplace development and the insights from a hotel project will be used in real estate projects. It is never about sectors – it’s about the people who will be using the space.

Nevertheless, some projects require specific knowledge and know-how. The following areas reflect our critical knowledge and specialised experience within the respective  sectors.

Focus areas

Focus areas

Real estate development

Because they are long-term developments, these spaces will not be accessible to buyer for years. Insight into future consumer and market is therefore crucial. Through our everyday and real-time connections with home buyers and developers, we are able to anticipate the needs and tastes of tomorrow. We have recently received central approval in Class 1 for architectural design and responsible applicant.

Health and care

Although the specific demands of nursing homes, health clinics and training centres differ, there are three values that Monn always holds in high regard: space utilisation, end user needs and quality of life. In addition, particular focus on maintenance and cleaning is always taken into consideration in planning and. Our extensive knowledge of the Hotel and Hospitality sector is crucial.

Shopping malls and retail

People are constantly moving around, coming and going, all of them on different errands and with different needs. Retail space must be effective for business for both retailers and shoppers. It must also be an inviting and pleasing space for people who are just passing through. Monn’s deep insight and understanding of crowd behaviour and movement is key to catering for both businesses and the needs of shoppers.

Hotel and hospitality

A high turnover of guests all year round. From business to leisure. Regardless of the reason or the motive for travel, all guests want comfort and a memorable stay. However, a successful hotel cannot be run on comfort alone. It also needs to be functional. Monn develops smart, inviting and innovative design that make for a great guest experience, but also improves the efficiency of hotel operations.

Restaurants and entertainment

A restaurant is more than a place of service. It is a complete experience offering food, drink, people, atmosphere – and sometimes entertainment. The level of customised design is high and it can be complex. Trends and customer expectations change fast. Monn has international insight into this specialised market and actively works with highly skilled and selected craftsmen.

Workplace architecture and design

New ways of working, digitalisation and changes in employee expectations are changing our physical workspace. What works today may not work tomorrow. At Monn we take all of this into consideration. Our holistic approach to workplace development ensures that the work process needs of your company are met, and your brand values and position are enhanced.

Residential and personal

There is no place like home. It’s where you live, where you keep everything that you cherish and where you spend most of your time. A homeowner naturally wants their home to reflect their personality and taste. Monn understands and respects this, while also providing our professional input. Then we will create something unique together.

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  • Restaurants and entertainment
  • Workplace architecture and design
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